Advanced Analytics, MS

The MS in Advanced Data Analytics is a focused interdisciplinary degree designed to provide students with the academic and practical preparation necessary to meet a growing research field, and a rapidly expanding need of business and industry. The program centers on developing deep analytic competencies in statistics and data analysis, coupled with a strong knowledge of contemporary data structures, to prepare students to conduct sophisticated analysis in business, industry, and science.

Graduates are expected to pursue careers as senior statisticians/data analysts in industry and/or go onto PhD programs in quantitative fields. Students completing the MS in Advanced Data Analytics are expected to be academically prepared for the PStat/GStat statistician accreditation through the American Statistical Association. The quantitative and statistical analysis focus of the program blends academic research with industry trends by addressing the seven (7) domains identified by the Certified Analytics Professional certification program.

The MS in Advanced Data Analytics also employs a case study approach by collaborating with regional businesses, to provide pertinent classroom experiences to complement the rigorous quantitative preparation. This approach ensures that graduates in a research and quantitative degree program are highly competitive in the job market and are successful in obtaining relevant industry certifications (e.g., the Certified Analytics Professional credential from the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science)
The MS with a major in Advanced Data Analytics is a 30-hour degree program. Students are required to complete 21 semester credit hours in Data Analytics:
•  INSD 5120 - Introduction to Data Science
•  INSD 5130 - Data Analytics I
•  INSD 5140 - Data Analytics II
•  INSD 5150 - Large Data Visualization
•  INSD 5160 - Harvesting, Storing and Retrieving Data
•  INSD 5170 - Discovery and Learning with Big Data
•  INSD 5940 - Interdisciplinary Capstone Experience
The remaining 9 credit hours are electives.  Students will work with an advisor to select elective courses ranging from database management to information and cyber security.

For further information about the interdisciplinary advanced data analytics program at UNT, please contact the interdisciplinary studies program coordinator, Toulouse Graduate School, Eagle Student Services Center, Room 354; 1155 Union Circle #305459, Denton, TX 76203-5017; 940-565-2383;