What is Advanced Data Analytics?

The advanced data analytics concentration provides students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts of contemporary data analytics methods, as well as experience in obtaining, wrangling, and learning from big data through machine learning and deep learning tools by turning these findings to actionable solutions. The core courses in the concentration emphasize applications of theory and tools to solving real-world problems in business, industry and science.

How could Advanced Data Analytics help me?

Data Science is a rapidly expanding job market that will provide students with numerous employment opportunities. Data analysis teams are essential across all industry sectors from large technology firms to manufacturing companies to the growing number of data analytics consulting businesses. The advanced data analytics concentration prepares students to conduct sophisticated analysis through industry-based case studies, allowing graduates to play important roles in their organizations.

How does it work?

The general requirements for the Advanced Data Analytics concentration are the same as the other Interdisciplinary Studies programs: 30 credit hours required, no more than 18 hours in any one academic area, etc. (see Admissions and Planning). Courses for credit must be approved by the program director before you register each semester. Knowledge of at least one foreign language or an acceptable equivalent is required for the Master of Arts degree, but not for the Master of Science.

Required Courses:

Data Analytics

  • ADTA 5130 - Data Analytics I
  • ADTA 5230 - Data Analytics II
  • ADTA 5240 - Harvesting, Storing and Retrieving Data
  • ADTA 5250 - Large Data Visualization
  • ADTA 5340 - Discovery and Learning with Big Data
  • Depending on related interest and career objectives on advanced courses in this field, please contact advisor


  • INSD 5110 - Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research
  • INSD 5940 - Interdisciplinary Capstone Experience

For further information about a concentration in Advanced Data Analytics at UNT, please contact the Interdisciplinary Studies program coordinator Eva Ruiz-DuVall at INSD@unt.edu or 940-565-4787.

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