What is Digital Social Science?

UNT’s Digital Social Science graduate degree provides advanced, interdisciplinary training in the social dimensions of digital technologies. These programs provide students with new perspectives and ways to study social trends and interactions using digital research tools such as web scraping, text mining, network analysis, and social simulations.

How could Digital Social Science help me?

Social data science gives researchers and students not only the opportunity to process and analyze large volumes of social data, but it also enables them to connect big data to human behavior, networking and the exchange of opinions and other significant patterns in modern everyday life. Expertise in social data science is now becoming in high demand in companies, organizations and public authorities seeking to get a better understanding of customer or user behaviors or in companies developing psychological diagnosis or screening tools, or making sociological and polyetiological analyses of voter behavior and trends etc.

How does it work?

The general requirements for the Digital Social Science program are the same as the other Interdisciplinary Studies programs: 30 credit hours required, no more than 18 hours in any one academic area, etc. (see Admissions and Planning). Courses for credit must be approved by the program director before you register each semester. Knowledge of at least one foreign language or an acceptable equivalent is required for the Master of Arts degree, but not for the Master of Science.

Required Courses:

Digital Social Science Concentration – 12 hrs

A minimum of one course from each of the following areas.

  • INSD 5210 - Theories of the Information Society and/or any 5000- or 6000-level social science theory course
  • INSD 5220 - Digital Research Methods and/or any 5000- or 6000-level social science methods or statistics course
  • Any 5000- or 6000-level social science course on a specific substantive topic

Secondary Area: 9 hrs

Data science or analytics courses (e.g. ADTA 5120, ADTA 5130, ADTA 5160, ADTA 5230, ADTA 5340) Students who wish can also complete the graduate academic certificate in analytics. Or Social science or humanities courses.

Interdisciplinary – 9 hrs.

  • INSD 5110 - Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research
  • INSD 5200 - Digital Social Science
  • INSD 5940 - Interdisciplinary Capstone Experience

For further information about a concentration in Digital Social Science at UNT, please contact the Interdisciplinary Studies program coordinator Eva Ruiz-DuVall at INSD@unt.edu or 940-565-4787.

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