Driven by federal requirements and the demand to improve the quality of health care delivery in the United States, the health care industry generates and stores massive amounts of electronic data related to patient care, compliance, regulatory and billing requirements, and medical research. The opportunity to improve health care quality, lower costs and accelerate research collaboration lies in the hands of those capable of synthesizing and analyzing massive data sets to extract the insights necessary for informed decision making. 

The Health Data Analytics concentration prepares graduates to assume leadership roles in this emerging discipline. 

Core Courses

This is a 30-credit hour online program. Students will develop a broad understanding of the various methods, software tools and topical expertise needed to discover meaningful patterns in health-related data and effectively communicate the implications.

Health Data Analytics

Students will take 12 credit hours from the following courses in health services administration, with INSD 5940 or HLSV 5940 taken during their final semester:

HLSV 5300 - Information Systems for Healthcare Management
HLSV 5400 - Health Delivery Systems
HLSV 5450 - Health Services Administration
HLSV 5940 - HLSV Capstone
AGER 5840 - Internship in Administration of Programs in Aging


Applied Data Science

Students will take the following courses as part of their applied data science core:

ADTA 5120 - Introduction to Data Science
ADTA 5130 - Data Analytics I
ADTA 5230 - Data Analytics II
ADTA 5250 - Large Data Visualization



Students will work with the program advisor to identify a specialization field. These courses must be approved by the program coordinator and the department in which the courses are located.