What is Instructional Systems Design?

The instructional systems design (ISD) concentration is for professionals entering the area of instructional systems design. Instructional systems design is the practice of maximizing the effectiveness, efficiency, and appeal of instruction and other learning experiences. The process consists of determining the current state and needs of the learner, defining the end goal of instruction, and creating instruction to assist in the learning development process. The process is informed by pedagogically-tested theories of learning.

How could Instructional Systems Design help me?

The employment outlook and demand for instructional system designers is strong with dynamic opportunities across a broad range of sectors including academics, government, medical, non-profits and corporate settings. Employers are seeking out to hire those with an advanced degree for these type of roles. So if you are someone who shares a passion for learning, solving problems, and being creative a concentration in Instructional Systems Design can guide you towards a successful and upward mobility career.

How does it work?

The general requirements for the Instructional Systems Design concentration are the same as the other Interdisciplinary Studies programs: 30 credit hours required, no more than 18 hours in any one academic area, etc. (see Admissions and Planning). Courses for credit must be approved by the program director before you register each semester.

Concentration Requirements

  • LTEC 5030 - Foundations of Learning Technologies
  • LTEC 5210 - Instructional Systems Design I
  • LTEC 5211 - Instructional Systems Design II
  • LTEC 5510 - Technology-Based Learning Environments
  • LTEC 5300 - Learning and Cognition
  • Depending on related interest, career objectives or availability of online learning on advanced courses in this field, please contact advisor.
  • INSD 5110 - Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research
  • INSD 5940 - Interdisciplinary Capstone Experience
  • LTEC 5040 - Online Design and Pedagogy
  • LTEC 5420 - Web Authoring
  • LTEC 5570 - Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Computing

For further information about a concentration in Instructional Systems Design concentration at UNT, please contact the Interdisciplinary Studies program coordinator Audra O'Neal at INSD@unt.edu or 940-565-4787.

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