What is the Self-styled program?

While several concentrations have been established as predefined options in the Interdisciplinary Studies program, the possibilities are virtually endless if you seek a tailor-made plan that meets your career goals and aspirations. Under a self-styled plan, you can design a program using existing courses from almost any graduate area of the university to address your particular intellectual interest not met by any specific degree program.

How does it work?

The general requirements for a Self-styled program, as outlined under Admissions and Planning, include a 30-hour degree plan spanning 2 academic areas and 6 areas and 6 required hours of Interdisciplinary Studies courses. The primary concentration can have between 12 - 18 credit hours and the other two concentrations a minimum of 6 hours each. Knowledge of at least one foreign language or an acceptable equivalent is required for the Master of Arts degree, but not for the Master of Science. The graduating component for the INSD Master's degree is the INSD 5940 capstone course.

For further information about a Self-styled Interdisciplinary Studies option at UNT, please contact Interdisciplinary Studies Program Coordinator, Toulouse Graduate School, Eagle Student Services Center 354; 1155 Union Circle #305459, Denton, TX 76203-5017; or 940.565.4787.