What is the self-styled plan?

As several recognized concentrations have been established as defined in the Interdisciplinary Studies program, a self-styled approach offers students a high degree of flexibility in customizing a program of study that cuts across multiple disciplinary boundaries. Under a self-styled plan, you can design a program by combining existing courses from almost any graduate area of the university to address your particular intellectual interest.

How can a Self-Styled plan help me?

Do you have big dreams to own your own business, looking to move up in your current career, or possibly just enjoy learning various fields of study? The possibilities are virtually endless if you seek a tailor-made plan that meets your career goals and aspirations.

How does it work?

In the self-styled approach, either the Master of Science or the Master of Arts degree program must include two separate fields of study with at least 6 hours in each field for a maximum of 24 hours between the two fields. INSD 5110 and INSD 5940 are also required for the self-styled degree. Knowledge of at least one foreign language or tool subject acceptable to the Toulouse Graduate School is required for the Master of Arts degree, but not for the Master of Science.

Students may choose the non-thesis option and complete at least 30 semester hours for a Master of Arts or Master of Science. The thesis option requires 24 semester hours plus 6 hours of thesis, for a total of 30 hours. For any non-thesis degree, the student will successfully complete a capstone seminar.

Applicants should contact the Graduate School to discuss their intention to seek a self-styled plan. With help from your advisor, they can help you choose the appropriate courses to meet your goals. In addition, a faculty advisory committee will be formed to help develop the degree plan and guide you in your journey toward graduation.

For further information about a self-styled option at UNT, please contact the Interdisciplinary Studies program coordinator Eva Ruiz-DuVall at INSD@unt.edu or 940-565-4787.