What is Workforce Leadership and Development?

The Workforce Leadership and Development concentration provides students with opportunities to broaden their workplace related skills in the areas of leadership, project management, organization design, and entrepreneurship. Students with this skillset will be prepared for management-level positions in organizations looking to improve performance and enhance growth. This concentration provides valuable skills for employees at all levels in an organization and provides effective techniques to manage change, launch products, and exemplify leadership through the use of disrupted technologies.

How could Workforce Leadership and Development help me?

The skills developed in the Leadership and Development Certificate Program will allow students to be more competitive in the market place. Students will be able to focus on making decisions based data-driven processes that are reliant on data performance, what-if analysis, as well as growth. Recognize the principals of agile and learn to establish methodologies to approach comprehensive lifecycles. Develop an understanding in the work of leaders that provide fundamental concepts & processes. Obtain skills and exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues in critical decision making processes. Address the strategic decision making environment by exploring concepts. This will help students to develop new skills that allows them to be more productive for their employers as well as individually grow within the organization.

How does it work?

The individuals should be able to ask questions, obtain facts and data to apply. Develop leadership skills in the areas of Vision, Alignment and Execution. Explore multiple agile and lean techniques such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe®. Learn how to implement agile and lean concepts on projects and unique. Understand frameworks, gather data and perform analysis with structured.

The M.A. or M.S. candidate must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours for a Master of Arts or Master of Science. The thesis option requires 24 hours of coursework and six hours of thesis if the student chooses to finish the program with a thesis option. Courses may be selected from the following:

Concentration Requirements
  • LTEC 5640 Organization Development, Technology and Change
  • LTEC 5650 Technology Entrepreneurship
  • LTEC 5660 Project Management for Performance Improvement
  • LTEC 5670 Distributed Leadership
  • Depending on related interest, career objectives or availability of online learning on advanced courses in this field, please contact advisor.
  • INSD 5110 - Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research
  • INSD 5940 - Interdisciplinary Capstone Experience

For further information about a concentration in Advanced Data Analytics at UNT, please contact the Interdisciplinary Studies program coordinator Audra O'Neal at INSD@unt.edu or 940-565-4787.

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