The most unique aspect of our advanced program is the high degree of flexibility you’ll have to design nontraditional study pathways that reflect your unique interests. Applicants to the master’s program can adopt one of two approaches — either a self-styled plan or a recognized concentration. While a recognized concentration provides more structure, the self-styled program allows you to pursue your interests in a way that no one else has before.

Depending on your goals and existing credit hours, you can choose to pursue a Master of Science or a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.* Earn your degree through one of two approaches:

Recognized concentration: Choose this option to specialize in a predefined interdisciplinary theme.

Self-styled plan: Design your own program by selecting existing courses from any approved area of graduate study.

For your convenience, you can choose from course and concentration options available at our central campus in Denton, at UNT at Frisco or 100% online.

Learn more about our current concentrations or how to craft your own specialization.


The Advanced Data Analytics concentration meets the challenge of turning data into action by providing students with the opportunity to enter a rapidly expanding job market.

This program prepares you for various employment opportunities, such as data analyst, operations research analyst, quantitative marketing specialist, statistician and more.

This concentration instills a sound understanding of aging processes, a commitment to the pursuit of new developments and research, and a belief that the latter years of life have intrinsic value and offer the potential for human fulfillment.

A concentration in Computational Linguistics brings together coursework in linguistics and computer science to develop two different skill sets in students.

The Digital Social Science concentration will enable students to take data for analysis of today's modern social trends in a digital age to better help connect our environments.

The concentration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) instills a sound understanding of the intersection of geospatial data management, analysis, research, and visualization and mapping. Students who complete this concentration will acquire and sharpen their skills in fundamental GIS concepts, applications, analysis, and programming.

The health care industry generates and stores massive amounts of data that must be managed and analyzed for decision making. This concentration prepares graduates to assume leadership roles in the emerging discipline.

The humanities concentration provides students with the capacity to integrate a number of different disciplines within the study of humanities through an tailored degree unique to the student's goals.

This Instructional Systems Design (ISD) concentration provides students with the tools to enhance the process and theories of learning by creating instructions that help their target audiences to become experts.

This concentration provides students with written, visual and technical competencies required for successful communication in modern online and information-oriented environments.

The Program Leadership concentration addresses the findings from research to provide offerings in the areas of program/project management, program analysis and program leadership development.

Under a self-styled plan, you can design a program by combining existing courses from almost any graduate area of the university to address your particular intellectual interest.

Under a self-styled plan, you can design a program by combining existing courses from almost any graduate area of the university to address your particular intellectual interest.

The Women's Studies concentration allows students to explore the role gender plays in the human experience. This degree option provides advanced training and skills for both the workplace and nonprofit organizations.

The Workforce Leadership and Development concentration emphasizes skill in leadership, project management, organizational design, and entrepreneurship to help students build upon their workplace-related abilities.

*For either option — self-styled or recognized concentration — the degree awarded upon completion of the program is a Master of Arts or a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. If you select a recognized concentration, the names of existing official concentrations will also be printed on your diploma.