What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

If you are looking for an academic program that fits your career goals by blending multiple disciplines, a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies may be the right choice for you. Interdisciplinary Studies prepares you to examine and solve complex problems as you draw on knowledge and skills from more than one academic field. Whether you are preparing for a specialized career that demands broad training, or you seek a more global view of multifaceted issues for your own personal development, UNT's Master in Interdisciplinary Studies program may be the right choice for you.

Why study across disciplines?

Many academic options are available to graduate students at UNT; however your personal goals may require a program that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies blends courses and research from several academic areas—a perfect way to approach many of today’s most fascinating questions and pressing issues. Such areas of research thrive on the combined knowledge, insight, and tools of diverse academic disciplines. The Interdisciplinary Studies degree is an exciting, challenging, and innovative approach to advanced education that directly responds to the needs of our complex world.

How could Interdisciplinary Studies advance my career?

Whether you are a young recent graduate of a bachelor’s program or have been in the workforce for years, you can hone your talents for future employment where broad knowledge, advanced research, and effective communication skills are in high demand. Through UNT’s Interdisciplinary Studies program you will learn to sift through information and produce a body of work that synthesizes multiple perspectives, arriving at a more comprehensive understanding of the important issues. Employers recognize the value of individuals who are open-minded, and who call upon a wide array of unconventional tools to solve intricate problems.

Who benefits?

In business, industry, and service organizations, employers win with people who are trained to look at the bigger picture and suggest holistic solutions to puzzling situations. If your current job, or the position you seek calls for multidimensional skills, then UNT’s Interdisciplinary Master’s degree could be your vehicle for career advancement.

Retired? Why not blend together several academic areas for the sheer love of learning and earn a degree at the same time? For example, you could finally pursue your lifelong passion for literature, history, or the arts. Since a thesis is not required, a final project, portfolio of work, or a capstone course could be the perfect way to complete your studies.

Teachers, you know that a master’s degree could increase your income now and boost your retirement pay. While some educators should pursue a master’s degree in just one traditional academic field, the Master of Arts or Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies may be ideal if you want to take courses outside, but related to your primary discipline. You could even take as many as 18 credit hours to meet requirements to teach a secondary field in K-12 schools or to teach at a community college.

How does it work?

In the Interdisciplinary Studies master’s program, you can pursue one of two approaches—either a self-styled plan or a recognized concentration. Under a self-styled plan, you will design a program using existing courses from any approved graduate area of the university to address a particular intellectual interest not fully met by just one degree program available. The recognized concentration option provides more structure initially for the courses taken and is built around a predefined interdisciplinary theme. For either approach, the degree awarded upon completion of your program is a Master of Arts or Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. The name of an existing official concentration, if chosen as a sub-plan, is also printed on the diploma. Students complete the degree requirements with the INSD capstone course.

Get started

At UNT, we have as many plans of study as you have talents and dreams. The Toulouse Graduate School will help you design a program that fits your academic and career goals. Click here for Admissions and Planning information.