Customize Your Future

Do you have multiple academic interests, want to create your own professional niche or already have a variety of advanced credit hours?

UNT’s master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies is your perfect fit. Blend any number of specialized disciplines — such as Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Communications and everything in between — to study beyond the confines of one degree path and prepare yourself for a future that’s as unique as you are.

Our program is built to accommodate all types of students, whether you’re a recent graduate of a bachelor’s program or a seasoned professional. Hone your talents for future employment where broad knowledge, advanced research and effective communication skills are in high demand.

The Interdisciplinary Studies program provides a number of in-demand benefits both personally and professionally.

Think beyond traditional

Broaden your knowledge base by cutting across disciplinary boundaries.

Stand out from the applicant crowd

Make yourself a more dynamic candidate to employers.

Design out-of-the-box solutions

Develop multidimensional skills needed to solve complex problems in any industry.

How It Works

Depending on your interests and existing credit hours, you can choose to pursue a Master of Science or a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Earn your degree through one of two approaches:

Recognized concentration

Choose this option to specialize in a predefined interdisciplinary theme.

Self-styled plan

Design your own program by selecting existing courses from any approved area of graduate study.

Student Spotlight

Our exceptional alumni and graduate students use dynamic, multidisciplinary skills to enhance their professional careers and educational goals.

Shannon Smith, Dr. Betty Berkeley Award Winner 2023

"This scholarship symbolizes the unique challenges and rewards as an interdisciplinary student. It is often difficult to find the same financial support as my peers belonging to a single discipline. However, this scholarship is one of the few I have come across that is specific for students like me. A scholarship such as this encourages inclusion and the importance of interdisciplinary work to the evolving nature of academia and research."

Dan Wenk, Alumni, 2022 M.A.

"As a non-traditional student returning to school after a hiatus of 30 years, I realized what I wanted to learn did not fall into a specific discipline. I was excited to discover that UNT offers an interdisciplinary degree program that aligned with my current career and explored new avenues beyond the boundaries of the usual conventional single discipline."

Chris Hubbard, Alumni, 2022 M.S.

"As a first-generation college graduate and now doctoral student, a multidisciplinary approach to learning was the key to success for me. The Interdisciplinary Studies program provided an opportunity for me to connect my current skills with fields of study I was passionate about. It allowed me to bring out my most authentic self and contribute to higher education in ways I would have never thought possible."

Wendell Lipscomb, Alumni, 2020 M.A.

"I wanted to advance my career with Tractor Supply Company (TSC). I earned my M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2020 with a joint focus on Business Management and Higher Education. I’ve been promoted twice since beginning my master’s degree, and I now manage the TSC store in Roanoke, Texas. The information and knowledge I gained from my degree has been very useful in my professional career."